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Old Keys Won't Open New Doors

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Old keys won’t open new doors…I echoed that quote over and over again as I came to the realization that something had to change.

If I wanted to enter places where I had never ventured, do what I had never done, or to experience things that I had never achieved—something had to change.

Have you ever had an idea that came to mind that you later shut down because you believed you couldn’t make it happen? Maybe there was something that you wanted to do, but you later became convinced that you weren’t cut out for it and talked yourself out of doing it?

With every new venture that I’ve taken I have heard that loud but subtle voice in my head say: You’re going to fail—I heard it when I first became an entrepreneur, when I speak at events, when I first started shooting videos. This voice tries to grab my attention and shatter my confidence every opportunity that it gets.

I’m quite sure that this is a voice that you too hear often. It tends to speak to us when we think about doing things we’ve never done before but are worthwhile. It gets louder when we think about stepping out of our comfort zones. It tends to pay us a visit when we consider pursuing the things that truly matter to us.

…but again, I remind myself: Old keys wont open new doors…

What does that mean to me? Well, first imagine you purchasing a new home. You are all set to move in and get established in your new living space, but there’s just one thing…you try to open the door using the keys from your previous residence.

It won’t work.

The same is true for our lives. There are new places that we can take our lives and new experiences that we can live, but if we try to step into new doors with old beliefs, we won’t make it pass the entrance.

There are some things that we’ve learned to do that we too often never question. Like believing that we can’t do something that we’ve never tried or assuming that certain achievements and lifestyles are designated only for a select group of people.

We assume our beliefs are true and use them to interpret the world around us, but what if they aren’t true? What if what you have believed about yourself is far from the truth? What if what you believe to be possible for your life is far from reaching the fullness of what you are capable of?

Unlearning old and ineffective beliefs is just as important as learning new and successful skills. Sometimes you have to unlearn the things that you believe to be true. You don’t have to see the world the same way you’ve always seen it. Just because it was true in the past, doesn’t mean it’s true today. Just because you learned something one way doesn’t mean you learned it the best way. And in many cases, many of the things that we’ve believed about ourselves were never true to begin with.

Don’t allow yesterday’s limited beliefs to dictate the story that you live out today.

Your world will never be different until you first see it differently. Don’t box in your potential—when we are trapped in a limited belief we tend to think in one way. We jump to conclusions and make assumptions based off of what we think and believe. Which can cause us to miss out on amazing and life-changing opportunities.

We have to open our minds in order to experience new horizons in life. You have to stretch your mind to achieve new levels of success.

What old beliefs are you still carrying that aren’t serving you anymore?

Remember, old keys won’t open new doors.


Grab a notebook, and write down all the old and limited beliefs that you are stilly carrying that aren't serving you. Where did these beliefs come from? How have they effected your life, your progress, and your success? What will you do to eliminate these beliefs? (I'll dive deeper into this in a later article)

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