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Today is the perfect day to be the best you! However, in order for us to become our best self, we have to challenge ourselves to do new things, which can often be intimidating because of the possibility of failure. We have to understand that in order to reach our destiny of greatness we will have to travel down the road of failure, but we don't have to stay there! We have to learn to fail intelligently. Here's a few tips to help you conquer the fear of failure:

1. Realize that failure is just a practice shot: You won't be able to hit every "shot" in the game of life, but with each "shot" you take, you'll become a better "shooter".

2. Continue to experiment over and over again: The only way you'll find out what you're really made of is if you continue to try new things. Each mistake you make is just an experiment with your abilities.

3. Keep trying until you learn what works: Consistently climb up the learning curve until you find the right method or approach. Failure doesn't mean that it can be done, it just means that you haven't found the right approach just yet.

Failure is success turned inside out. Don't allow the fear of failure to prevent you from getting started. Instead embrace the challenge that lies ahead of you, learn from every experience, and make the proper adjustments.

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