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It is the beginning of a new week! Get excited about the opportunities that are available to you in this coming week. Remember: Nothing GREAT was ever accomplished without enthusiasm. If we want to have anything close to a remarkable week we have to have the right mindset.

In order to win this week, we have to possess a WINNER'S STATE OF MIND: victory, success, advancement, improvement, acceleration, elevation. These are words that should be seated in our daily thoughts.

But let's keep it real! Last week may have been a challenging week for you and it can be difficult right now for you to develop this way of thinking. I hear your concerns! (Trust me!) One thing that I have learned is that this journey to become the best version of ourselves and living our DREAMS is not the easiest. We have chosen to avoid the path of least resistance and we're venturing towards areas in our life that are unknown to others but well known to our own personal imagination, and we're quickly finding out: This isn't easy! Even though it's not easy, it is rewarding and it's worth it. Let's discuss some steps to help us dominate this week with excellence in spite of whatever we currently are up against:


Look over your life. I mean really take a complete inventory of the AMAZING things you have in your life. We can easily have our vision distorted and be blinded by the problems and concerns that life can bring, and we can forget how blessed we truly are in the process. We have more going for us than we have going against us. When we express our gratitude it reminds us of what really is important. It keeps us focused on the good instead of the bad, and it uplifts our spirit when we begin to trully recognize that life isn't is bad as our problems are trying to make it seem.


You're saying how can I smile David? Life isn't panning out the way I planned it. Last week I got some bad news. I'm trying to launch my startup but things aren't working out. I can't seem to get a break. The struggle is getting more difficult as each day passes...Smile, it's gonna be alright! A smile is not an illustration that everything is perfect in your life, it's a demonstration that everything is going to be alright. Go ahead smile now...I'll wait...It changes your state just by changing the look on your face, and when you feel good, you perform good. Your state of mind has a direct reflection on your efforts and your efforts determine your results. So if we want excellent results, then we have to have an excellent state of mind. So smile with optimism and believe that what you're doing will produce success. Optimism has a great payoff and it all begins with a smile.


During last week's #DreamCatchers Worldwide broadcast we discussed this principle. If we want to assure that we dominte this week with excellence then we must believe that our reward is worth the effort. You may have been working on your goal for quite a long time. It may be frustrating, discouraging, and flat out disappointing, but trust and believe that what you are doing today will pay off tomorrow. When individuals believe that their efforts are going to pay off, they begin to dive completely into their goals. Half-stepping won't take us to our DREAMS, we have to go ALL-IN, and we only do that when be believe that the reward is worth the effort.

Remeber, this is a brand new week. Let's not enter into this week with a defeated mindset because of what happened last week. Let's shift our mindset and get ready to DOMINATE. Be grateful and constantly remind yourself of the GREAT things you have going for your life. Put a huge smile on your face and make it contagious. Optimism will keep you connected to greater possiblities, and believe that your efforts are not in vain. It may be difficult but have faith that your hard work is going to pay off. Let's dominate this week with EXCELLENCE!

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