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Have you ever taken time out to consider how much of a miracle your life represents? No matter what you’ve been through or where you’ve come from, you are special and there's something amazing within you.


We all have the capacity to grow, to improve, and to evolve into our greater selves, but many people don’t. We each could do more, experience more, and become more, but many never do.


There are desires, ideas, and visions within us all but the reality is that many give up on their dreams. The journey can get challenging, life can become overwhelming, and the possibility of success can often seem slim…but when we start behaving, thinking, feeling, and knowing there's something great within us...that's when we experience the achievement of our goals, our dreams, and our ultimate purpose in life. That’s when we truly Come Alive.


Writing from experience, David guides you on a journey to conquering your inner conflicts and becoming the greatest version of yourself.


In Come Alive, David reveals the blueprint to establishing a positive mindset, overcoming your fears, developing your confidence, and rising above the challenges that stand in front of you and where you want to be in life.


This book unpacks how to create a life where you are more fulfilled and how to truly experience being alive.

Come Alive: Overcome Challenges. Live Your Purpose. Unleash The Real You

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