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Do you ever get frustrated while working on your goals?

The goal excites you. It's something that you're passionate about. You're focused on achieving it, so naturally you can't wait to make it real in your life, and with this mindset you begin to make strides toward accomplishing your goal.

This is the initial feeling that we have when we set out to achieve our goals. You take that first step...motivated, filled with enthusiasm, and prepared to do something great. You've planned your work and now you're working your plan.

...but, what happens when things don't go as planned? What happens when you try over and over, but it doesn't seem to work out?...or when it almost seems like everything is falling apart? What do you do then!?

The key is to sustain that initial motivation throughout the entire PROCESS of your success. (The word PROCESS is in all caps to remind you that achieving your goals is a PROCESS) Meaning, there will be a few ups and downs, a handful of setbacks, and maybe even a couple of occasions where you feel like giving up...but remember, the PROCESS is where you develop. It's where you are made better. It's where your greatness is revealed. You can't allow the process to stop you from getting what you truly want out of life.

Easier said than done, right?...Yea, it's very easy to say but not that easy to do, but it's simple...Take the frustration out of the equation.

Frustration is a sign that your expectation isn't quite equal to your results. It rises within you when your vision doesn't match your reality, and the frustration even boils to a higher level when you've been giving your greatest efforts...That's why in many cases, we'll find ourselves saying, "I've tried everything and it still doesn't work!" (That's frustration at it's finest.)

...but there's hope, and the hope starts and ends with you. Because any change in your life has to start with a change within you.

You have to change your strategy...You change your strategy, you'll change your results. Instead of sitting in frustration...move towards recognition and innovation. Here's a few steps to help you combat frustration:

1. Recognize that what you're doing isn't the only way that you can possibly be doing it.

2. If it's not working out the way you're doing it, do something different and compare the results to judge the impact.

3. If you discover that your new approach gives you better results, stick with it.

4. If your new approach doesn't quit work out, don't stop experimenting until you find what works and gives you the results that you expect.

To move beyond frustration, you have to challenge the status quo of your thinking and the approaches that you've been taking. Gain a fresh perspective. Develop a better strategy. Come up with a new game plan and work relentlessly to achieve your goal.

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