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Are you making this mistake with your goals?

Mistakes are lessons. Mistakes are tools for improvement. Mistakes can be used to make you better. Mistakes are somewhat inevitable if you're pushing the limits in your life and trying new things...but some mistakes CAN be avoided with proper preparation.

One mistake that can and should be avoided while pursuing your goals is NOT CREATING CLEAR EXPECTATIONS.

When you don't have clear expectations you can be led to frustration, disappointment, and unachieved success.

It's key to be clear on what you expect out of life and what you expect out of yourself because what you expect will determine what you reject. Why settle for anything less than what you truly want out of life? Why operate below your potential when you have the ability to do great things?

Create a standard for yourself and the goals that you've created for your life. Be crystal clear on what you are aiming for and at what level of performance you are going to deliver. Hold yourself accountable to it. Accountability is key when it comes to meeting expectations.

When you start to become clearer with your intentions and expectations, your greater results start to become evident.

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