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Your imagination can come up with some amazing DREAMS. You have no limits on your thinking. You can choose to think big or you can choose to think small. Thinking big doesn't cost you anymore and it doesn't require any more effort, but thinking small will cost you your DREAMS. Every day someone is limiting themselves because of their thinking.

Our thoughts inform our actions and it's our actions that determine our results. Knowing this, if you want great results you have to establish a mind that entertains great thoughts.

To produce greatness we have to be driven by our DREAMS and the possibilities of our life. We have to take authority over our minds and stop allowing negative thoughts to make decisions for us.

Listed below are three statements that are limiting our potential. If you want to elevate your life to the next level you have to eliminate these statements from your internal conversation.

1.) "I CAN'T"

Instantly, when we have the thought of excelling our life or moving forward and in the direction towards our goals this statement can come to mind-"I CAN'T". We often find ourselves trying to justify why we can't:

-I'm not good enough.

-I've never done it before.

-It seems difficult and challenging.

-I don't have the experience.

-The resources are unavailable to me.

When we constantly attempt to tell ourselves that we can't, we're actually downplaying our abilities. We allow a negative thought to distort our vision and our awareness of our true potential. Truthfully, no one really knows their limits or the ceiling of their potential, but you have to believe you can move forward and continue to walk boldly in the direction towards your goals in order to find out how far you go.

2.) "I WON'T"

In many cases, we don't come out and say this directly, but many times we say it indirectly. When we opt not to do something we are indirectly saying "I WON'T".

You may have a goal that you have been postponing or procrastinating on and you keep telling yourself, "I'll get to it." are indirectly saying "I WON'T do this". If it's important to you, you'll find a way to work towards it.

" Only put of until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." -Pablo Picasso

Begin to prioritize your life and determine what you really want to create. Influence yourself to establish the direction and motivation needed to accomplish your goal. Will yourself to achieve.


We have either told ourselves this or we've heard someone else say it and we began to believe it. When we close our mind to possibilities, we shut out opportunities in life. One of the most expensive things any one can have is a closed mind because you miss out on possibilities that can be beneficial, lucrative, and rewarding for your life.

"It always seems impossible until it's done." -Nelson Mandela

The easy road or the path of least resistance will never lead you to the land of greatness. Anything great won't come easy and whatever comes easy won't be great. When you accept the challenge to do the impossible you'll begin to release your greater potential, and you'll begin to find out more about who you REALLY are. The REAL you will begin to be revealed and through this process, you'll begin to redefine possibilities.

As you're on your quest towards excellence in your life, begin to eliminate theses statements from your thinking. When we tell ourselves that we can't, we won't, or it's impossible, we are speaking the language of failure and we're defeating ourselves before we even give our goals a shot. Let's speak the language of possibility: I CAN, I WILL, IT'S POSSIBLE. Instead of settling for what's practical in your life, start pursuing what's possible for your life. Let's ELEVATE!

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