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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why it is called the present."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Every new day brings new opportunities and endless possibilities. Every sunrise brings us into a day that we have never seen before and every sunset closes off a day that we will never see again.

One of our most valuable assets is time. You can't buy back more time. Once you use it, it's gone. It's our job to make the best of our time and essentially "invest" our time doing things that matter. It can become very easy to spend your entire day running around and not accomplish anything. We've all been there. We do a lot of busy work but at the end of the day we're wondering where all the time went.

Being in the wrong state of mind can also have a tremendous effect on the outcome of your day. What we allow to walk in our mind will soon begin to run in our life, so it's important that we allow thoughts of success to walk continuously within our mind.

In order for us to conquer the day, we have to start our day in a dominating fashion. If you haven't realized the essential role your morning plays on the outcome of your day, here's a PSA: It's important! A powerful morning routine can become the spring board to your daily success.

Here are three habits that will put you in position to conquer your day:


Gratitude is the best attitude. Take time to remind yourself of the great things you have going for your life, the blessings you've received, and the relationships that you're surrounded by. There may be morning's where you're not necessarily feeling your best, and realizing your blessings what's really important has a way of shifting your state back in a position that enables you to succeed in the day.


Successful people get in the habit of reminding themselves of their goals daily. Without a clear picture of what you're aiming for in the day, you'll find yourself meandering all over the place. This lack of direction can lead you to destruction and never accomplishing your goals. When you are consciously aware of what your goals are, you can structure your day around achieving them. This helps you prioritize and categorize what you'll be devoted to within your day.


I look at every day as a possession, and in any sport every possession counts. I've learned that you can't create your dreams in one day in the same way you can't win an entire game in one possession. However, every victory is made up of a number of possessions. If you want to succeed and experience the results of greatness you have to capitalize on every possession. Start every day making a commitment to yourself that you will confidently feel that there is nothing that you can't learn or develop to solve the most complex problems that stand in front of you and your dreams. With this commitment you are saying to yourself that you're coming to win. Show up. Be prepared. Stay focused. Be relentless. Never give up.

These are just a few habits that can help you conquer your day. Your morning is a huge determinant of the success you experience for your day. Be sure to start your day of with gratitude, direction, and a commitment to win.

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