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I have learned that achievement doesn't just's made to happen. Victory doesn't happen by accident...It's strategically planned. DREAMS don't just come true...they're made true. That's why it is so very important to prepare ourselves to accomplishing great things. Here are three keys to help us position our week for success.


If you play darts blind folded it can become very difficult to hit your target. If we want to truly position ourselves with achievemnt we have to have our eyes forcused on our target.Is there somehting that you are seeking to accomplish this week? Something that you're striving to do? Are you looking to advance or improve in some area of your life? What are the results that you want to see at the end of this week? Asking these types of questions will help us develop an intended goal. Purposeless and visionless living will lead you down the path of mediocrity which will never lead you to your DREAMS.


Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. Those living their DREAMS are no exception. The difference is that the successful just put more value on their time. Being mindful of time means you are aware of what activities you invest your time, and it also means you realize the value of your time. Your time is your most precious and valuable commodity. We can't get more time. There's 86,400 seconds in a day...what if you started treating your time like money. If you're anything like me, you wouldn't waste $40,000 on things that don't render any benefit in your life. So let's not waste our time on things that are not conducive towards our success.

Here's a great way to help you become more progressively productive with your day: Monitor pulls on your productivity. Begin to identify the habits, behaviors, rituals, and impulse actions that don't benefit you. Are you spending too much time scrolling through timelines? Do you get sucked in to YouTube videos? Is too much time being spent digging through emails? I challenge you to examine your daily agenda in order to find activities that aren't aligned with where you want to be.


Plan in your schedule a time slot that you are designating for your goal. Hold yourself accountable in these moments. Stick to your commitment. Eliminate all distractions until you complete your task. If it truly is important to you then this should not be difficult. Many times we neglect to achieve our goals because we place them on the bottom of our priority list, and we often do this by accident without even knowing we're doing it. Life just has a way of throwing things in our face that seem urgent at the time, but remember that important always supersedes urgent. What's important is demonstrated in what we invest our time. Give what's important in your life exclusive focus.

If we want great results we have to implement the strategies to obtain them. Let's catch our DREAMS by creating days that are successfully focused.

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