If you trust yourself now, you'll thank yourself later




My name is David Gibson and here's a few things about me...

I believe that we each have something special within us, including you. I believe that you have a unique ability that you can offer to the world. Whether you see it now or not, it still doesn't hide the fact that it's within you. 


I'm determined to help as many people as possible identify what makes them special and unleash their genius to the world. My vision is a world where everyone is pursuing their passions and living out their dreams. Just imagine what type of world that would be...


I haven't always been the motivated, passionate, and driven person that I am now, in fact, I used to be far from it.


Let me explain...      


Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, I grew up as a quiet and reserved kid...You know the one that didn't really say much AT ALL...that was me. 

I loved sports, I loved my family, and I was inspired by many things but I didn't really see anything special about myself. I didn't think that I had anything of value to offer to others.


Like many people, I was dealing with personal battles of insecurity, fear, self-esteem challenges, and a lack of purpose. Which eventually led me into a dark place.


I would work overtime to hide the pain that I felt inside. I probably could have won an Oscar at times for the many fake smiles that I would display. I was smiling in public but hurting in private. 

Eventually, I reached a point where I decided that I was no longer going to live a depressed and unhappy life. I realized that I was built for more and I became determined to not only find myself...but to create myself.



Honestly, I didn't just get into speaking...speaking got into me. 

After beginning to uplift others I began to get invites to speak at different events. Which was a challenge that I had to overcome. Me!...speak in front of an audience? I had to conquer this paralyzing fear. (I talk about this in many of my presentations)

When you step beyond your fears you begin to do amazing things. The response I would get from others was overwhelming. I had no idea that my words could be used as a tool of inspiration.

Then the idea hit me...I could become a professional speaker who empowers others to live their dreams.

At the time I was working for a company that I had been employed by for nearly eight years doing sales and had recently graduated from undergrad. I knew I wasn't using all of my skills, talents, and potential but I was comfortable and afraid of stepping into something that I knew nothing about. 

I kept telling myself I was going to take the step toward my dream, but I kept putting it off because of fear. Then out of nowhere it happened, but not the way I planned it or even prepared for...

I was laid off arbitrarily due to corporate downsizing. There I was...no income, no experience, and no plan, but what I did have was a vision that was rooted by a purpose and fueled by a passion. 

In reality...

That's all I needed. I built not only a business around it...I built a mission around it. 


I didn't have all the answers, but I was determined to find them. I didn't have all the resources, but I knew that if I had the right mindset I could become resourceful. I developed my confidence and strongly believed that there wasn't anything that I couldn't learn or no skill that I couldn't develop in order for me to achieve my dreams. I stopped worrying about making a mistake and became more concerned about missing out on my opportunity. 

It's been and continues to be a process, but it's all been worth it. Every setback, every disappointment, and every failure has all been worth it. I turned my desire into an obsession and to this day I'm still determined to help others live their dreams and make a difference in the world that we live in.

I've been blessed with opportunities to speak in front of thousands, host many events (including a WNBA game), speak internationally, and meet amazing individuals. I have a live broadcast that connects and inspires many people all over the world...but more specifically, I've been blessed with opportunities to help others acquire what they know their worth in life and become all that they can be...that's the greatest feeling! 

In addition to speaking, I also help others live more effective lives through my efforts in personal development coaching, mentoring teenagers and at-risk youth, and through missions.


Missions have truly intensified my passion for helping others live their dreams. I believe that the world's challenges and problems can be solved if we collectively contribute in using our gifts and serving others. 


That's why you dreams matter! The world is waiting for you to unleash what makes you great, and as you shine your light you'll give others permission to do the same. You can have whatever you want for your life. That's not to say that it will be easy...but it will be worth it. I know you want that feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. It's possible for each of us...it starts with you making the decision to pursue what you love.


I'm on a never ending journey to become the best version of myself, and I want to challenge you to do the same. Where you are now doesn't have to be where you remain. I may not know you personally but I do know this...if your heart is still beating then you have a purpose in this world and it's often found in your passions, which give birth to your dreams. Don't sit on the sidelines of life and watch others live their dreams. You have what it takes to pursue your passions and make your life a wonderful adventure. Don't put it off any longer...LIVE YOUR DREAMS.


David Gibson

"His insight really brings things into perspective and his message helped remove blockages that were crippling my progress. I now have clarity in what I want to pursue in my life."

 - Coy Brown 

"My encounters with David are nothing short of a divine connection to help propel my life forward in the direction of my dreams so that I also may live the life I've imagined."

 - Linda Tribble 

"He challenges the limits that we have self imposed on ourselves and inspires you to take action on your dreams.".

- Chris McBride 

"David helped me identify the lies that were planted on the inside of me which I believed was my truth! It was negative things people would say to me and I believed them over the years, even as a child! David helped me let go of the past and the fears I had. I'm soaring everyday like an eagle because I'm not where I used to be!"

 - Janice Dobson 

There were many things that I attribute to this personal breakthrough including developing a deeper relationship with God, learning how to fight (not just as a member of USA Boxing and a competing boxer, but learning how to fight in life), and what truly helped me conquer this particular challenge in my life was encouraging others to aim for more in life.


As I was actively climbing out of this hole that I had found myself in, I began to post my thoughts and words of encouragement on Facebook and would get random responses from people telling me that my words inspired them.

Encouraging others brought me fulfillment. It's an amazing feeling knowing that you're helping someone.

I started to realize that we all are going through something. We all are challenged in different areas of our lives, and many people are fighting hidden battles that are preventing them from tapping into their true potential and living their best life.


Knowing this began to develop my passion for helping others live more effective and fulfilling lives.


You may be thinking, how did you get into speaking? I'll explain...